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Basepoint Puzzle Fun!

Whether you tackle the New York crossword, enjoy sitting down with a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle with your family or love your Suduko or Wordle app, we know puzzling can be a whole lot of fun. Thank you for visiting our weekly Basepoint puzzle series. Some of the puzzles will seem more straightforward than others and a few will build off each other. You may also find some challenging new puzzles you don't do as often. Please enjoy our page and check back often for new puzzles.


In the meantime, if our Basepoint team can help you solve your financial puzzle with financial planning, investment management, and independent fiduciary advice, let's connect!

Cryptic Puzzle
Published 9.8.22

Cryptic puzzle image.PNG

Logic Grid
Published 9.22.22

Logic Grid image.png
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