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We're here for our clients.  Period.

Basepoint Wealth was founded for the purpose of delivering advice and service that clients truly need, under one roof, and without limitations imposed by conflict-laden corporate financial services companies.

Our Story

In 2017, Basepoint Wealth was founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in response to industry efforts to resist moves towards increasing openness and transparency between large financial institutions, their advisors and clients.

Backed by over 150 years of combined experience, the founding partners set out to build on a team-based, comprehensive approach to advice, investment management, and service.  The mission was simple:  build a more valuable wealth management experience that placed the client at the center of the process and eliminate costly layers of obstruction between a client, their money, and their financial success.

The commitments made at the beginning drive everything that we do:

  • Put the client first, always

  • Let the work on our desk be our best marketing

  • Build a team of experts

  • Leverage technology

At the core of this commitment was the goal to place planning and advice at the forefront to delivering a straight-forward, effective, and common-sense investment philosophy designed to help clients grow, retain, and enjoy their wealth.

Today, Basepoint Wealth has grown to manage over $500 million in assets under management, operating four locations throughout Iowa, and added a subsidiary company, Basepoint Tax & Accounting, to deliver comprehensive tax and accounting services.

Fee-Only Means No Commissions

Basepoint Wealth and its advisors are fee-only, not fee-based.  That means no commissions, sales charges, soft dollars, or 3rd party compensation - ever.  This means you always know what you are paying for the advice and service you receive, and never need to question motives or whose interests are in mind.


A fiduciary duty means we are legally bound to act at all times in the best and sole interest of our clients.  This is the highest standard of loyalty, trust, care and responsibility under the law.  Our advisors are fiduciaries.


We are an independent firm.  This means you don't need to worry about fund family allegiances, or other corporate parent-company dictates that interfere in the mission to deliver the best advice and service to our clients.

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Ready to explore why Basepoint Wealth offers a unique wealth management experience?

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