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No matter how you define financial success, we will be with you every step of the journey. Our process is designed to guide you through the development and implementation of strategies that adapt as your life changes, in a way that serves to help you prioritize what matters.

A process designed to focus on you

You are unique.  Don't settle for a cookie-cutter plan.  Our proven 6-step process for success is designed to focus on you, delivering an efficient, valuable experience with readily identifiable action steps to keep you moving toward your financial goals.


Initial Introduction

Our relationship with you begins from the moment you schedule an initial consultation.  We'll connect you with an advisor qualified and suited to handle your unique situation for a no-pressure initial consultation.  We will explain the services that we provide, the compensation structure, and the framework of how we will guide you in making financial decisions that are in your best interest.



It is as important for you to get to know your Basepoint Wealth advisor as it is for them to get to know you.  Whether you are looking for a financial check-up, determining a path to retirement, evaluating ways to maximize your income once you stop working, finalizing an estate plan, or working through a complex business sale, we will help you identify and define your goals to personal financial success.


Data Gathering & Analysis

We'll assist you in gathering critical information and analyze it closely using a combination of powerful tools and highly-trained professionals as we look closely for opportunities to strengthen your financial future.  This is where our team will dig in and begin evaluating strategies and plans to guide you on the path to success.


Strategy Session

Your advisor will leverage highly interactive tools to explore and explain strategies to you that will deliver maximum benefit to your financial situation.  Once you and your advisor agree on strategies that make the most sense, you will receive customized recommendations on action steps in order to act on the plans you've discovered together.



We aren't going to just hand you a big binder of charts, call it a "plan", and wish you luck.  We work with you to identify the best path forward for implementing your strategies to ensure that "best intentions" turn into "best outcomes".  Our deep partnerships with industry leading custodians and solution providers, in concert with our robust internal resources, will make implementation seamless.



One of the most important - and often overlooked - roles that your Advisor plays is monitoring and tracking process on your path to success.  As you near milestones, achieve goals, or deal with curveballs in life, your Advisor will work with you to adjust your plans accordingly.

Ready to explore how the Basepoint Wealth process can help you achieve your goals?

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