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You should have confidence that your advisor is working for your interests.

Transparency Matters

Basepoint and its advisors operate under the "fee-only" fiduciary standard.  That means you know what you're paying at all times, and you're receiving only advice that is in your best interests.  No exceptions.  No exemptions.


Wealth Management is More Than Just Investments

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Start by identifying where you are and where you are going.  Our CFP Professional advisors work to gain a complete understanding of what drives your financial success.  

Signing a Contract


A robust suite of options to implement your plan.  This includes investments, insurance, taxes, and more.  



Staying connected to your plan is critical as your life changes and needs evolve.  Your advisor team will monitor your plans and your implementation to ensure continued success.

Accessible When and Where You Need Us

You're busy.  Convenient access to your advisor team and your entire financial picture, whenever and wherever you need it, powered by industry-leading eMoney Advisor software.

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How We're Different

At Basepoint Wealth, we don't sell products, so our success is tied directly to yours.  Here's a few of the ways we set ourselves apart from the industry.

Basepoint Wealth
Traditional Financial Advisor
Are advisors a fiduciary?
Yes. 100% of the time.
Maybe. Likely the advisor switches between acting as a fiduciary to acting as an agent or broker on behalf of their employing firm
Unlikely. Service most likely provided by customer service representatives, not fiduciary advisers
How will my fees be calculated?
Transparent fixed fee engagement OR % of AUM depending on the services you elect to receive and agreed upon in advance
Varies, typically a % of AUM or an up-front commission, plus trading fees and other expenses
Typically a % of AUM plus behind the scenes costs involved with trading that you may or may not see
How will technology be used?
Easy to use technology keeps your plan, goals, and investments in one place
Technology is usually not central to the service
Technology is typically the only way to interact
How will we meet?
You and your advisor will determine what makes sense; in-person, on the phone, or online
Typically 2-4 meetings per year during business hours
No meeting with a person
What are the qualifications of my advisor?
Every Wealth Advisor is a CFPⓇ professional (the highest possible certification) and fiduciary
Often titles are misleading - not always a CFPⓇ professional
No or very limited access to a financial planner
What are the minimum assets required?
We don't have one. We believe everyone can benefit from good advice and proper implementation
Typically $250,000 or more
What am I actually getting?
Personalized, plain English advice for everything money impacts in your life, including tax efficiency, plus help implementing our recommendations
A 50-100 page "report" that mostly focuses on investments and/or insurance
An algorithm based investment allocation that relies on rules of thumb and large scale averages

Ready to explore getting a wealth plan designed to help you achieve your goals?

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