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Image by Clark Van Der Beken

Published 9.8.22

Cryptic Puzzle


Cryptic puzzles, also known as puzzle hunt style puzzles, require logic and creative thinking to extract a hidden word or phrase. You will want to think about both a Sudoku and Masyu puzzle. You can refer back to the previous two weeks' puzzles available on the main puzzle page.

Sudoku: Fill in the numbers 1-9 within the grid so that each number appears exactly once in each row, column, and 3x3 grid.

Masyu: Draw a single cycle of horizontal and vertical lines that pass through each box that contains a circle. Lines that pass through black circles must do so at a 90° angle but must pass straight through both adjacent squares. On the other hand, lines must pass straight through white circles but must turn 90° through one adjacent square (or possibly both). Not every square of the grid must be passed through.

Cryptic: First solve the Sudoku and Masyu portions of the puzzle. Then use the common encoding of A=1, B=2, etc. to help discover the hidden 5-letter English word by solving the simple equation you see pictured in the puzzle.

Enjoy this week's puzzle fun!

Cryptic puzzle PDF

Ready for the answer?

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