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Tax & Accounting

Tax efficiency is an often-overlooked component of wealth management. At Basepoint Wealth, our CFP® professional advisors work with you to help you preserve as much of your hard earned income and savings as possible.

We go beyond simple investment strategies for tax harvesting, and dig in to identify strategies that can make your existing savings and investing strategies more efficient - squeaking every last drop of potential from your hard earned dollars.

As the old saying goes:  "A dollar saved is a dollar earned."

The overlooked power of efficiency

A proper tax efficient savings strategy can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime. While most people and many advisors focus on saving "as much as possible", our advisors go a step further and help you focus on saving "as efficiently as possible".

Integrated Tax Services


We offer in-house tax services, including planning and preparation, through our subsidiary company Basepoint Tax & Accounting, LLC.  Seamlessly integrate your wealth management, tax planning and tax filing under one roof.

Tax Insights & Updates

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