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W. Allen Wallace


Chief Investment Officer
Managing Partner


Allen has been a personal financial planner and wealth advisor for over 22 years. He has broad, in-depth experience in creating and implementing personal financial planning and investment strategies that are unique and customized for each client. He studied Finance and Business Administration as an undergraduate at Augustana College followed by his Masters in Business Administration and Certificate in Leadership from the University of Iowa.

He and his wife Kate, who serve as managing partners of Basepoint Wealth, set out with other like-minded advisors in 2017 to create something different than the financial industry norm. They wanted to create an advisory experience which provides transparent, independent, fiduciary advice and wealth management planning for clients. Basepoint Wealth prides itself as one of the top fee-only firms in Eastern Iowa. 

Allen remarks, "The greatest reward that I get from clients is when they tell me that they feel safe knowing that we will make their money work as hard as they need without taking risks that put them into a position of permanent loss of standard of living."

In the role of Chief Investment Officer, Allen oversees the implementation of our entire Wealth Management Process. Allen adds, "Investments are a lifetime course of study. No matter how much you learn there is still an unlimited amount that you do not know. Identifying what is important and mastering those concepts has been the joy of my professional life. Getting to the point where I can teach others what I have learned has only accelerated the joy."

Allen values quality time with his wife and children, especially on their family farm and is well known for his love of life long learning. He enjoys continuing to expand his knowledge on a variety of subjects including finance and history, reading old books, and watching documentaries. Allen also loves to teach and takes every opportunity to share the knowledge he has been lucky enough to accumulate, especially with his three children. 

Allen writes frequently for Basepoint Wealth. Read his commentary here.



Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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