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Risk Management

A key part of a proper wealth management plan is to accurately identify, quantify, and resolve risks that may present themselves throughout your lifetime and potentially undermine the hard work you have put in to achieve your goals. At Basepoint Wealth, our advisors use cutting edge planning technology that allows us to identify and explain to you the risks that you face, and to help you determine what, if any, steps can or should be taken to address them.

Conflict-free risk management solutions

Basepoint Wealth and its advisors are fee-only fiduciaries - always. Unlike brokers, our advisors cannot be compensated by commissions paid by 3rd parties - like insurance carriers. That means when we help you identify the risks that you and your family face, and assist you with deciding what, if any, insurance product is right for you, you never need to worry about whether or not your Basepoint Wealth advisor is receiving a large commission for selling a particular product that is clouding the quality of advice you are receiving. They aren't, and they can't.

Basepoint Wealth advisors have access to over a dozen insurance carriers, including several of the largest and most reputable carriers, such as Principal, TIAA, AXA, Great West, Columbus Life, Lincoln, and Allianz, who have decided to create commission-free versions of their insurance products. This means your Advisor is never financially motivated to recommend that you purchase insurance, nor any specific type of insurance. Our only interest is your best interest.

Risk Management Insights & Updates

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