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Investment Management

We believe in the importance of fundamentals:

     // Know what you own
     // Know why you own it

We design investment portfolios that reflect your unique objectives and constraints, relying on our comprehensive wealth management process to provide the critical inputs that allow our portfolio management team to work most effectively.

At Basepoint Wealth, we do not hide behind industry jargon, and misguided "industry norms" to create and manage your portfolios - we put in the work to understand you, and your goals, and manage your money accordingly.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is built on a set of principles designed to guide us through every political, economic, and market climate. Our Principles are convictions that we believe to be objectively true and not influenced by market fads. They are not mathematical in nature because they do not depend on interest rates, economic growth rates, P/E ratios or other market metrics often cited in news media. 

Investment Management Insights & Updates

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