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Sanya Oli

Associate Financial Analyst Intern


Introducing Sanya Oli, a driven and accomplished Investment Department intern at Basepoint Wealth, whose academic success and commitment to community service set her apart. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Economics at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, Sanya is no stranger to excellence.

Sanya's educational journey began at Linn-Mar High School, where she distinguished herself as Valedictorian with an impressive 4.53 GPA. Her dedication to academic excellence was recognized with the Herbert Hoover Uncommon Student Award, a prestigious scholarship honoring her commitment to community service and public service ideals. Additionally, Sanya participated in the LFS Youth Class of 2022, a leadership program that nurtures career and leadership development among high-achieving students in the Cedar Rapids/Marion Area.

At the University of Pennsylvania, Sanya continues to excel both inside and outside the classroom. Engaged in a multitude of extracurricular activities, she is a member of several esteemed organizations including Wharton Women, Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club, Wharton Asia Exchange, Wharton Management Club, Scholars of Finance, and Wharton Entrepreneurship Club. Her involvement underscores her passion for finance, entrepreneurship, and fostering connections within her community.

When she is not in the classroom, Sanya enjoys swimming, spending time with her family and friends, and even sneaking in a bit of reality TV. She is hoping to catch a sunrise on a beach this summer as well.

Beyond her academic and extracurricular achievements, Sanya brings a unique blend of analytical acumen and interpersonal skills to her role as an intern in the Investment Department. Whether she's analyzing market trends or collaborating with colleagues, Sanya approaches her work with enthusiasm.

One motto she likes to try and lead her life by is “Be one percent better every day.” We think she is off to a great start!



Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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