Landis T. Wiley


Director of Business Development
Senior Wealth Advisor
Founding Partner


Landis is one of the founding partners of Basepoint Wealth. Prior to joining the team that would become Basepoint, he spent 5 years with Principal in Cedar Rapids working as a financial advisor.

A 2007 graduate of Coe College, Landis has a varied background having experienced a 25 year career as a professional and collegiate soccer referee, starting a software business while in college, and entering the workforce as a high school and community college teacher.

Today, Landis lives in Marion, Iowa with his wife (Sally), and 3 young sons. Between kids activities, Landis enjoys golf and being outside.

Landis has served for 6 years as the Treasurer of the Cedar Rapids Country Club, is a member of the City of Marion Planning & Zoning Commission, and as member of the Board of Trustees for the Cedar Rapids Community School District Foundation.

Landis T. Wiley


Cedar Rapids, Iowa