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Step by step guide to connecting financial accounts

Connecting Accounts

Your Basepoint Wealth client site can serve as the dashboard for your entire financial life - regardless of what institution(s) you work with. By connecting bank accounts, mortgage accounts, credit cards, retirement accounts, and more, you will have your entire financial picture at your finger tips. And information you connect will update daily, so you, and your advisor, always have the latest and most accurate information.

Step 1: From your homepage, click "Add Account"

Step 2: Select whether or not you have an online login for this account.

Note: If you do not have online access to an account, the system will guide you through adding it manually.

Step 3: Enter the institution’s name or website address and click Search, then select the appropriate link.

Step 4: Next you will acknowledge the institution notice where applicable. Click Continue, and then you will enter in your login credentials for this institution and click Connect.

If there's an issue connecting to your accounts, you'll receive a status message describing the problem. Click on the message to learn how to fix it.

Step 5: Once your credentials have been verified you can review the accounts brought over through the connection. Click Continue to return to an overview of all accounts you have entered into your portal.

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